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Botox Cosmetic

At Altitude Aesthetics, our unique, personalized approach to Botox® creates a naturally beautiful appearance that's effective and affordable.

Bioidentical Hormones

Proven, plant-based pellets safely mimic the body’s natural hormones to help regulate weight and restore youth and vibrancy.

Body Sculpting

Altitude Aesthetics' state-of- the-art ultra-sound and high energy modalities quickly melt fat and fade cellulite faster than typical freezing methods.

Weight Loss Therapies

Altitude can help you take the weight off with non-invasive therapies that greatly improve your health and your quality of life.

Private Events

We also host Private Events and informative sessions offering special pricing on our products.

Meet Dr. Jason Leep

Jason Leep M.D. is as versatile and innovative as he is devoted to his patients’ total well-being. With a true passion for athletics, aesthetics and wellness, Dr. Leep utilizes an integrative, customized approach to helping you reach your personal goals.